Different Kinds of Weber Grills

 Barbecue parties are a popular family event in many countries. It has become a bigger event as several years passed by. Today there are many brands of excellent grills that consumers have to choose. The question is how to exactly know which the best one is. The company Weber Grill is one of the companies that were able to prove its capability in manufacturing grills that deliver very well. Weber offers different kinds of grill charcoal grills, gas grills and smoke grills. They are all made with high quality raw materials and they have been installed with the high end technology in the filled of grilling. It is a reputable brand known to many people in different countries.

Before you buy a grill the first consideration is the kind you want. You may want a smoke or a charcoal grill. Choose the grill that will be most helpful with the kind of life you live. The grills for charcoal are famous for giving much convenience to the users and for giving the taste that charcoal can give. The grills with gas are ideal for those who like cooking at the back of their house. This is best for a family who enjoys barbecue. The grills with smoke are famous for giving a great taste when combining meats with some potatoes and other vegetables. Below is some brief description of the different
Weber Grills available today.

1. Genesis Silver B Premium – This is perfect for having a barbecue party in your backyard most of the time. You can also make great tasking corn cobs and steaks. Many people also like grilling their hamburgers with this model. This model has three burners entirely made of steel. It has a dripping pan and a stable gage for the fuel. It also comes with a rack that keeps the meats and other foods warm.

2. The Performer model
– This is also a popular choice. This is a charcoal grill. The only downside in this kind of grill just like other brands of charcoal grills is the fact that it needs your constant attention. It can also create more mess than other types of grill. However if you really enjoy the flavor this kind of grill makes then those things will not be a bother. It has the following features:

 1. button for ignition
 2. a thermometer that checks the food
 3. a storage at the lower part
 4. a cookbook
 5. a system for cleaning
 6. heavy duty cart made entirely of durable steel.
 7. wheels are crack proofed

3. Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker 2820

This is the top choice in the Weber product line for smoke grills. This is a good grill choice for those living in apartments because of the following advantages:

 1. assembling this model is very easy
 2. quick cleaning system
 3. highly compact
 4. reliable cookbook
 5. sturdy vents
 6. doors are able to resist rust
 7. covered with vinyl
 8. affordable price.

These are just some of the best seller Weber grills. It is important to consider how often you will use and the space where you will use it. These models have all been guaranteed by Weber Company to be sturdy and lasting for years.