Cleaning Tips for Your Weber Grill

 Many cooks want to keep their kitchen gas range spick and span by wiping off small food spills every now and then while they are cooking. Even if your trusty backyard Weber grill can withstand all that heavy use during your cook out with family and friends, it also deserves the tender loving care that you often give your kitchen gas range at least after every use. It’s a lot messier to cook on a grill than on a kitchen gas range that’s why lots of people find it daunting to keep their grills clean. Here are a few cleaning tips that will not only keep your new Weber grill look new, but will actually extend it’ life and keep you away from unnecessary repair costs.

The grill grates is just about the only part of your grill that needs regular cleaning. It sits on top of the heat source and it contains the food that you cook that is why you need to clean these after every use. Otherwise the grease and burned food particles sticking on it will accumulate and harden and become more difficult to remove. Moreover, it will give a bad taste to whatever meat you have grilling on it. Grilling food on a grate filled with hard black gunk is just like cooking your stew in an unwashed pot that you’ve used to cook food in during the last couple of weeks.

Cleaning the grates of your new Weber grill is not really rocket science. All you need is a good wire brush. The trick is to brush the grates after using because it’s a lot easier to brush off cooked on food particles while still warm. After cleaning the grates, spray on some vegetable oil as a protection from rust. The next time you use your Weber grill, burn off the oil for a few minutes before placing the meat on it.

Periodically do some good cleaning on your Weber grill. If you own a charcoal grill, dumping out the ashes is not enough. At least once a year, strip it down so that you could scrape off burned residue that may have accumulated at the bottom of your grill. If you own a gas grill, remove the lava rocks and ceramic briquettes and give them some good scrubbing with warm soapy water. Replace those that are covered with stubborn black residue. Check the venturi of the burner and remove obstructions in the jets with a piece of wire. Reassemble your Weber grill and spray the inside with a thin film of cooking oil to protect it from rust. The next time you use your grill leave the fire on for a few minutes to burn off the oil and any soap residue before you put food on the grill.