A Special Feature on Various Reliable Discount Weber Grills

For a chance to avail highly reliable cooking grills at super affordable prices, many retail stores and online retailers are offering discount Weber grills. Although these products are less expensive, their quality is never compromised. In fact, they are just efficient, convenient, and durable like the rest of the available Weber grills today. Amongst the many reliable discount Weber grills present, three of the most interesting are the Weber Grill Genesis Series S-310, Weber Grill Summit S-470, and Weber Gas Grill Q-300.

Weber Grill Genesis Series S-310

Weber Grill Genesis Series S-310 is a beautiful, compact, and efficient grilling accessory with many outstanding and innovative features like push-button ignition, warming rack, and side table. Aside from its relatively low price, many customers love this discount Weber grill because of its compact and sleek design, plus it has wheels for easier transfer from one convenient location to another. More importantly, it offers users three burners, and uses natural gas to operate. This discount Weber grill also comes with a special limited warranty, while measuring 30 inches in depth, 60 inches in width, and 64.5inches in height.

Weber Grill Summit S-470

Definitely one of the latest and most sophisticated Weber grills available today, Weber Grill Summit S-470 is also available in much lower prices than its regular listed price. Currently, the prices for this discount Weber grill range from as low as $1,699 to $1,799. Of course, this is few of the many nice grills with a highly efficient smoke burner, a sear burner, and a rotisserie burner all in one complete package. Generally, this discount Weber grill uses liquid propane to function, with a total four different burners. Available in a stainless steel color, its key features include a warming rack, a built-in thermometer, and side burner. Just like all Weber grills, this one comes with a special limited warranty. It measures 57.1 inches in height, 66 inches in width, and 30 inches in depth.

Weber Gas Grill Q-300

Another impressive discount Weber grill available today is Weber Gas Grill Q-300, which only sells somewhere in between range of $289 to $445 only, which is less expensive than its regular listed price. This special Weber grill comes with a five-year warranty, and measures only 17.2 inches in height, 48.6 inches in width, and 29.4 inches in depth while weighing a total 83 pounds. Its major features include wheels, storage for other grilling accessories, and a catch pan.