Weber Grill Tools: Quality and Storing

It may just be for grilling food but Weber grills are fitted with nothing but professional grade stainless steel Weber grill tools. This makes grilling unmessy and stylish, with clean handling of food. And above all, Weber grill tools make grilling so much easier that it becomes fun rather than work.

Firing up charcoals in the grill pit is just one stage of the grilling process. After this phase, grill users need special tools to manage grilling properly. Just imagine barbecuing without grilling tools. How can food be turned and checked and taken when ready, and how can charcoals be managed without grill tools? So Weber has come up with top of the line Weber grill tools. Why top of the line?

First of all, grill tools need to be stain resistant. Weber grill tools are stainless steel utensils not just for good looks but to maintain cleanliness of food preparation and handling. Stainless steel is easy to clean and not susceptible to sticky grease and oil that easily attach on other materials like ordinary steel or uncoated cast iron. In addition, Weber grill tools also come with safety parts, like an easy grip spatula with wrap around quality rubber to avoid slipping and for a firm grip when turning food around on a skillet, skewer, or grill.

Barbecue forks and chef’s tongs are Weber grill tools that make barbecuing a lot easier. When the heat in the grill pit is in full blast, it’s difficult to use ordinary forks and short stemmed tongs to position meats and fish. The hands are likely to get burned in the process. Hence, Weber grill tools for this purpose are long stemmed (18 inches for both tongs and forks) to keep hands off the effective range of the heat. Weber grill tools are also dishwasher friendly and easy to maintain. This adds to their life span so that they can be enjoyed for years, even by the next generation of avid grill users.

Finally, to keep grill tools within easy reach and kept in their right places, Weber grills are fitted with hang up loops for forks, spatulas, and tongs. Grill tools are often misplaced or missing at the height of grilling excitement so that they often get lost. Or, if they are found lying around within children’s reach, tots find them amusing and often play with them. But Weber grill tools have their proper hang up loops right on the grill cart so they’re easy to store away right after use.