Weber Genesis Grill Special Features

The makers of Weber Genesis Grill is well known for durable and quality grills, either gas, propane, or charcoal models. Weber Genesis grill units are designed to last even to the next generation. Here are some of their features.

The structural parts of Weber Genesis grill units are made of high-quality materials, mostly coated or stainless steel. The burners are always given particular attention because they are the main features of grills and the most exposed to wear and tear. Weber Genesis grill burners are always of the best quality stainless steel.

thermomEven heating is an important feature of grill burners if the food grilled are to come out with ideal evenly cooked quality. All three burners used in Weber Genesis grill models are quality-tested to produce even heating by spreading the heat in equal proportions. Other grill brands find this difficult to have in their units. Poor heat distribution can render grilling of food quite undesirably, with some parts half-cooked or burned.

With the solid framing and paneling of Weber Genesis grill carts and parts, the units are sure to last more than a lifetime. However, it follows here that the grill unit should be properly handled and given the right care to augment its durability. The units are elegantly designed, with many colors and styles to choose from. They are compact and very simple in functions for easy operation. Weber Genesis grill stalls can go well with any occasion.

However, Weber Genesis grill units can be a bit more costly than other brands. And this is understandable. They may be smaller than other grill brands, but they are quite sturdy in make and easy to use. There are replacement parts available, but replacement may incur higher costs compared to other branded units. But replacing Weber Genesis grill parts won’t be necessary if the durability feature is supplemented with utmost care in handling and storing.

Weber Genesis grill stainless steel burners use 12,000 BTU for proper heating and are fitted with small side bars for flavorizer compartments. Burners are well protected from possible drippings during actual grilling and brushing of oils and liquid spices and flavorings. The cooking area is about 424 square inches in all. If the side bars are included, it reaches to 611 square inches in all. All welded parts, especially the Weber Genesis grill frames, are stable and do not wriggle like other brands. The main burners are reinforced with 36,000 BTUs.

Hence, people get value for their money with Weber Genesis Grill units.