Getting to Know the Weber Grill Parts

You may not be aware of the individual functions of that grill, and you do not need to know its internal workings to serve up grilled food. However, if you know the basic purpose of the Weber grill parts, you’ll have an easier time using them or getting replacements.

Among the Weber grill parts that you will want to learn are the compounds used to build the components. Usually, the handles of the enclosed cart are made up of stainless steel. The burners are also covered with stainless steel, and the reason for this is twofold.
The first is that by using steel, the Weber grill parts become very resistant to rust and color fading. The other reason is that grease does not get attached to it, making them easier to clean.

There are other components that you might want to learn. The first is the Crossover Ignition System. What this Weber grill part does is to provide you with the means for amending the settings of each burner. This gives you all the flexibility you may need for cooking. It should be noted, however, that other models use the Snap Jet Ignition control for the burners; their function is identical. Almost all the units sold also have the Flavorizer Bars. It helps maintain the equal distribution of the fats and juices so that the meats are flavored right.

Other Weber grill parts you should be familiar with are the cooking area and warming rack. The cooking area is measured in square inches, the same with the warming rack. The warming rack is usually reserved for placing the food that have been cooked, but you can also use them for grilling as well.

There are other Weber grill parts that will come with the product. Among them are the casters, which you use for moving the units. This is especially useful for the larger models. Other components are the fuel gauge, the work tables, cookbook and tool holders, all of which are self explanatory.

The type of Weber grill parts and accessories you get will vary in number and size. If you buy the portable models for instance, you will receive parts that are more akin to that type, while those for the larger models will be different.

The Weber grill parts that constitute your grill will vary depending on the model, but in general they are just variations of the ones described. With this information, you will have no problems discussing the type of grill you have with the repairman.