Weber Charcoal Grills: Ideal for Family Picnics

Here’s the grill dream of every family crazy about outdoor campings and picnics—the Weber Charcoal Grills. It has everything a charcoal grill should have. Here are some amazing features.

No more charcoal mess on the grill area. With Weber charcoal grills, charcoal bags need not occupy space on the cooking area or get wet in rainy seasons. There’s a special charcoal bag holder to keep unused charcoals out of the way of cooking, or hanging around somewhere unsightly, and keeps the same from getting wet in the rain or from morning or early evening dew.

weber-charcoalIt’s easy to keep the charcoals lighted or reinforced for more heat in the grill. No need to keep opening the main rack lift for this. Other brands will keep folks busy with having to open and close the rack lift just to check the heat or add in more charcoals. With Weber charcoal grills, grilling is much less of a work and is more an outdoor leisure and fun. The kids will surely love to volunteer overseeing grill cooking.

The propane ignition idea is a smart thing. Especially in outdoor grilling, lighting up the charcoals in never a problem. The propane ignition makes firing up the charcoal as easy as A,B,C, and even a novice camper or fire builder will find it easy to use Weber charcoal grills. There’s even a thermometer gauge fitted with other models of Weber charcoal grills to monitor temperatures while smoking meats or fish.

Try slow smoking baby-back ribs and come up with something tastier and more juicy than slow-cooked ribs. One can even slow cook meats up from 2 to 3 hours straight without any problem. Just keep adding the proportional amount of charcoals and smoking chips. Innovative Weber charcoal grills even come with stainless tool holders and a lid holder, a stainless tray beneath, ash trays, dripping catchers, and two wheels and a front leg stand or two for easy moving or relocating. No need to carry them.

There are also Weber charcoal grills of the go-anywhere types for easier carrying. They are the carriage-type with a hinged top cover and a sturdy handle on top. They are fitted with folding stands to keep these Weber charcoal grills several inches off the ground. Also check out the Weber “Smokey Mountain Cooker” when thinking of having Weber charcoal grills to take along during mountain hikes.

For a more exciting cook-out in the woods, by the lake or sea, on mountain tops, or even in the backyard or garden, opt for Weber charcoal grills.