The Wonders of a Weber Propane Grill

No more messy or oily grill areas, grill surfaces and burners, and cooking spaces after grilling one’s favorite grill dish. With Weber grill stalls, people can say good bye to these former grilling woes. Especially with Weber propane grill units.

The problem with grilling food is when the cooking area, the burners, and the grill area itself is susceptible to sticky messes that goes with the grilling cooking process. There are special sauces and spice and flavor concoctions that need to be brushed on the food to be grilled while grilling is in progress. If the surface where food preparation and grilling are done attracts sticky messes, cleaning them after seems a big sacrifice to do and people would rather leave everything and forget about them until the next day. Well, not anymore with Weber propane grill cooking surfaces.

Weber propane grill models are of fully protected and enclosed stainless steel mini cabinets in cart style. This makes for a smooth and easy to clean surface—on the cooking and grilling area and all around. So a mere sweep with a damp and then a clean dry cloth on all the surfaces takes care of every mess. In addition, these Weber propane grill carts are also fitted with enameled cast-iron grates with a porcelain veneer for much easier cleaning and handling procedures.

The cross-over ignition feature ensures easy adjusting of each burner, and also an option for even heating. The cooking area alone is an adequately spaced 507 square inches, plus a warming area or rack of 130 square inches. Three-burner Weber propane grill units are backed with 42,000 BTUs and a lot of pockets and small shelves underneath. For its caster features, a Weber propane grill cart has 2 sturdily built locking casters in front with 2 swivel casters, equally of sturdy materials, at the back.

All in all, the whole set of a Weber propane grill cart weighs only 160 pounds, so it is easy to move around or bring to other locations with only two persons lifting it around. Other grill brands are big and bulky and a lot heavier. Weber propane grill units are easy to ship and can be shipped to 48 states. They are perfect gifts for weddings or a house blessing. And they are good business ideas, too.

Weber propane grill carts are built not only to last, but also to be presentable for a long time. And, of course, to make grilling a truly leisurely lunch or dinner activity for the whole family.