The Genesis Blue Weber: the All Purpose Grill

When it comes to grills, buyers would want two things: powerful features and reliability. With the Genesis E-310 LP Gas Blue Weber Grill, you not only get both of these elements, but also a whole lot more.

The Genesis E-310 LP Gas Blue Weber Grill incorporates several elements that veteran and first time grill buyers will appreciate. The first is the stainless steel material of the cooking grates. What this means is a steady and durable component that you will be using for many years.

The robust features of the Genesis E-310 LP Gas Blue Weber Grill extend to its other components, including the casters, both the swivel and front locking. The enclosed cart is also fitted with stainless steel on the doors, handles and panels.

Another handy feature here is the Crossover ignition system which makes it easier than ever to modify the three burners. There is also a thermometer installed so you can view the temperatures being used in the cooking. The grill also has the patented Weber Flavorizer bars and also includes a cooking space of over 500 sq in. The warming track is 130 sq in and combined gives you over 600 sq in.

Aside from all these nifty features, the Genesis E-310 LP Gas Blue Weber Grill also comes with a handful of other accessories, such as half a dozen tool holders, a fuel gauge, a couple of metal work surfaces, and a flexible hose. It also has a cookbook included so that even those with little or no experience will be able to use the grill immediately. The instruction manual that comes with the product will also help you to learn it easily.

The Genesis E-310 LP Gas Blue Weber Grill also eliminates the need for having a side burner. Unlike other models, this one can also be used almost every night without having it break down. The vast space on the grill will also allow you to cook barbecue, chicken, and meat in various ways. In addition you can also whip up corn, potatoes and other side dishes with ease.

The Genesis E-310 LP Gas Blue Weber Grill is a grill that is meant not just for use in those large backyard parties, but also for those who are just learning how to use the grill. Easy to cook with and to clean up, there really isn’t much more you can ask for.