An Overview of the Weber Grill 200

There is no need to put up with the mess and clutter that comes when grilling. By using the 396002 Q Gas Weber Grill 200, you can enjoy the savory taste of grilled food minus all the extra work.

Those who have little knowledge about grilling will have no problems utilizing the 396002 Q Gas Weber Grill 200, and even those that have been cooking for a long time will appreciate its features. These include a single button for turning up the light. The unit also comes with a burner valve so that adjusting and modifying the temperature as best suits the dish can be done easily.

The 396002 Q Gas Weber Grill 200 also has a built in regulator to help in cooking, and it also has Weber’s Tuck Away tables. These additions will make it simple for you to prepare any additional garnishing or sauce while the grilling takes place. These tables, which you can place inside the grill easily, also come with very handy tool holders.

The 396002 Q Gas Weber Grill 200 is built for continuous use; the frame for instance, is constructed with nylon and glass while the cover and the body are made of aluminum. The handle on the cover is designed to hold its own against fluctuating weather conditions, while the cooking grate has been reinforced with porcelain.

There is also no need to be concerned about cleaning the unit as the 396002 Q Gas Weber Grill 200 includes a very convenient drip container, so the cleanup can be done in a straightforward way. Even if you grill a large number of steaks, fish, burgers etc, it won’t create the kind of mess that comes with traditional grilling.

The 396002 Q Gas Weber Grill 200 has a BTU of 12,000, and a total cooking space of 280 sq in. The burners are comprised of stainless steel, and the grill has a 5 year warranty. Finally a booklet filled with recipes and some practical advice for grilling is included. This will definitely be appreciated by those new to cooking. For those who have been around for a while, the instruction manual will provide them with all the info they need to run the unit successfully.

With its compact size, the 396002 Q Gas Weber Grill 200 is ideal for use even when in an apartment. This certainly merits a look for those that want a grill that doesn’t take up too much space but with a large cooking area.