A Feature on Weber Genesis Gas Grills

One of the most popular, attractive, and useful product lines of Weber, Genesis offers different reliable and efficient models of gas grills. Weber Genesis gas grills have various styles, specs, and features. For those who like to purchase any of these gas grills, it is important that they differentiate one model from the other to make wise decisions and avoid having regrets in the end. When assessing a particular product, it is also necessary that consumers look at several factors like reliability, durability, and efficiency of a gas grill before they purchase them.

A List of the Different Models of Weber Genesis Gas Grills

For the understanding of consumers, there are five different models of Weber Genesis gas grills. The models differ on their specs, functions, as well as affordability. Two of the most affordable Weber Genesis gas grills are Weber Genesis E-310 and Weber Genesis E-320. Other attractive models of the product are Weber Genesis S-310 and Weber Genesis S-320.

The Features and Specs of Weber Genesis E-310 and E-320 Gas Grills

For those who are in search for affordable but useful gas grills, they can always take a look at the specs and features of Weber Genesis E-310 and E-320 gas grills. Weber Genesis E-310 Gas Grill is very versatile and stylish. To ensure the safety of users, the product is made from high quality materials like stainless steel. Additionally, the grill features a spacious cooking area, which makes it very useful for outdoor family events and gatherings. Weber Genesis E-20 gas grill has the same features as Weber Genesis E-10 gas grill. However, Weber Genesis E-20 gas grill is more durable and versatile than the other product.

The Special Functions of Weber Genesis S-310 and Weber Genesis S-320 Gas Grills

Aside from the Genesis E-310 and Genesis E-320, there are two other effective and attractive models of Weber Genesis gas grills that consumers can purchase, namely Weber Genesis S-310 and Weber Genesis S-320. Weber Genesis S-310 has accessories and parts that have high quality. In addition, this gas grill use stainless materials, which makes it more elegant and stylish. On the other hand, Weber Genesis S-320 Gas Grill is more expensive than Genesis S-310 because it has additional and special features like additional gas grills. With all the attractive features and useful specs of the series of Weber Genesis gas grills, these products are surely considered some of the best and most reliable grills in the commercial market.