Using the Features of the Weber Grills Home Page

The Weber grills home page has a lot of things going for it, and if you own one of these grills, it would be a good idea if you spend some time getting to know this site, as it does have some useful elements.

If you are new to grilling one of the sections that will interest you will be the “find a recipe” link. It is true that the grills often come with a booklet containing some recipes. However, there are a lot more on the website. Once you click the link you will find the recipes there organized by type (beef, pork, appetizers, desserts, vegetables, fish, etc), making it easy for you to find the type of dish you want to cook or learn about.

The Weber grills home page is updated on a weekly basis, so you always have something new to try out. There are also free downloads of more recipes and there are instructions for direct and indirect cooking, smoking, grilling and two very useful features: a metric conversion table and charts of herbs. If you are serious about being a grilling expert, there is a link for finding cooking classes in your vicinity. There are also featured recipes, which give you the chance to try out something interesting every time you visit the page.

If you are still looking for a grill, check out the “find a grill” link on the Weber grills home page. There you will see the products that they are selling, and also its features. The characteristics are displayed, so you will have an easy time deciding which is best for your needs.

If you want to find a dealer, there is also a link there that will allow you to do so. The bookshelf section allows you to look at books about the products, and the “store” link on the site gives you the chance to see other accessories and related items to help make your cooking and grilling easier.

The community section gives you the chance to share your story and experiences using the grill or any of their products. If you have questions or comments there is a feedback section and there is also a support section available.

The features on the site may be numerous, but they are well laid out, and you will have no problems accessing or using them. The Weber grills home page combines the essentials for a truly productive and helpful website, and you should take advantage of it.