An In-Depth Look at the Extensive Cooking Resource Entitled “Weber Big Book of Grilling”

Written by authors Sandra S. McRae and Jamie Purviance, “Weber Big Book of Grilling” is more than just the usual recipe book. Focusing on various grilled specialties, this ultimate cooking resource also contains basic information about choosing the right grills, wonderful anecdotes, as well as a concise historical background on Weber. Furthermore, this book is likeable because of the excellent photos featuring highly enticing recipes, credited to no other than first-rate photographer Tim Turner.

“Weber Big Book of Grilling” begins with a brief foreword and an introduction, to be followed by a general overview on the different recipes featured inside this book. Thereafter, the focus then shifts on to the different interesting things and important aspects related to the practice of grilling. After that, the different ways of making rubs, marinades, and sauces are presented. Some of the featured sauces include Chili Barbecue Sauce, Champagne Vanilla Sauce, and Cherry Juice Sauce. After that, “Weber Big Book of Grilling” then moves on to present some very special grilled recipes for the main entrees, salads and side dishes, as well as desserts.

Upon purchasing “Weber Big Book of Grilling,” readers can easily learn numerous specialties including beef, pork, and lamb specialties. Some of the nicest beef recipes featured inside this book are Tandoori Beef with Lentil Salad, Texas Rib-Eye Steak with Chili Barbecue Sauce, and Kansas City Boneless Rib Roast. Meanwhile, there are also numerous tasty pork delicacies to be found within this highly informative cooking resource like Mango Tango Pork Chops, Adobo Pork Steaks with Peach Salsa, and Jerk Pork with Two Chutneys. For those who prefer cooking lamb, they can always try lamb specialties such as Mediterranean Lamb Burgers, Spice-Glazed Rib Chops with Pear Chutney, and Lamb Chops with Grilled Peppers.

Additionally, “Weber Big Book of Grilling” also presents a bevy of other grilled specialties including vegetable, seafood, and poultry recipes. Amongst its famous vegetable recipes are Guacamole with Fire-Roasted Vegetables, Spice-Rubbed Halibut with Grilled Vegetable Ratatouille, and Summer Vegetable Risotto. For highly valuable information regarding flavorful seafood delicacies, this book contains recipes such as Sicilian Stuffed Swordfish Rolls, Zesty Garlic Shrimp, and Shrimp and Onions with Cocktail Sauce. Furthermore, the book also has plenty of significant information on how to cook chicken specialties like Turkey Kabobs with Greek Salad, Cranberry-Orange Brined Smoked Turkey, and Hickory-Smoked Turkey Legs.

With all these recipes included inside “Weber Big Book of Grilling,” this cooking book is definitely one of the most comprehensive resources available today. More importantly, cooking is not a very hard thing to do with the help of an outstanding recipe book like this. Indeed, this book teaches people how to cook and have fun at the same time.