Get a Load of These New and Wonderful Features Offered by the 2009 Weber Grills

With its commitment to provide people with the best cooking grills year after year, Weber has released several new products as part of its product offerings for 2009. Some of these grills contain additional features, while others are remarkable for their designs and colors. Without a doubt, these 2009 Weber grills offer consumers much improved designs and functionalities that continue to make grilling a fun, convenient, and easy practice for everyone. From the many outstanding products released, the most promising and interesting 2009 Weber grills are the Weber Q140 Electric Grill, Weber One-Touch Gold 26.75 Charcoal Grill, and Weber Genesis EP-310 Gas Grill.

The Weber Q 140 Electric Grill

The Weber Q140 Electric Grill is a fascinating product that is perfect especially for people living within a relatively small space. This 2009 Weber grill is available with a titanium color, while the finish used for this wonderful cooking equipment was cast-aluminum. Its depth is measured at 20.5 inches, its width 27 inches, while its height is set at 23.5 inches. This compact grill only covers 189 square inches of cooking area. Furthermore, this 2009 Weber grill also comes with a limited warranty, together with a grounded cord measuring at least six feet.

The Weber One-Touch Gold 26.75 Charcoal Grill

The Weber One-Touch Gold 26.75 Charcoal Grill is compact cooking equipment with several new features. Another 2009 Weber grill, this specific item measures 24.4 inches in depth, 32 inches in width, and 42.3 inches in height. Available in black color and porcelain-enamel finish, this charcoal grill comes with a removable ash catcher, a rust-free aluminum vent, and nice handles that are heat-resistant. Perfect for people who really love to grill, this impressive product also comes with an exclusive cookbook from Weber, which is packed with numerous tasty, delectable, and enticing recipes. Moreover, this one special grill comes with a thermometer, a lid holder, and a much-improved cleaning system.

The Weber Genesis EP-310 Gas Grill

Another wonderful gas grill that people can use outdoors, the Weber Genesis EP-310 Gas Grill is a luxuriously designed product that was able to maintain some original features only found in Weber grills. Overall, it has three steel burners with rust-free work surfaces, Flavorizer bars, and cooking grates. More importantly, this 2009 Weber grill features an original ignition system called Electronic Crossover, and comes with a limited warranty and a special cookbook from Weber. Another interesting thing about this Weber grill is its size, which is measured with a 30-inch depth, a 60-inch width, and a 64.5-inch height.