A Special Note on Various Weber Grills Replacement Parts

An outstanding and popular company that excels in manufacturing barbecue grills, Weber-Stephen Products Co. also takes pride in the world-class and efficient grills replacement parts that it introduces to the international commercial market. Some of the famous Weber grills replacement parts that consumers can always buy are burner tube sets, cooking grids, and rock grates. Meanwhile, the company also accepts orders of other Weber grills replacement parts like heat plates, flavorizer bars, and warming racks.

Burner Tube Sets

One of the most functional and useful Weber grills replacement parts, burner tube sets have different styles and models. For consumers who have Genesis Gold and Platinum gas grills, they can buy Weber Burner Tube Set 7506. This specific tube set is made from stainless steel and it features three tubes for grill burners. On the other hand, for those who own any of the gas grills included in the Genesis Silver and Spirit product lines, they can use 7508 Tube Set.

Cooking Grids and Grates

Other Weber grills replacement parts that consumers can find very useful are cooking grids and grates. Most of these Weber grills replacement parts are made from heavy-duty materials such as stainless steel. Meanwhile, there are also Weber cooking grids and grates that are made from porcelain, for those who are in search for stylish replacement parts.

Heat Plates

Heat plates are also reliable and functional parts of barbecue grills manufactured by Weber-Stephen. These Weber grills replacement parts are very easy to find since the company offers the products in its Web site. Some of the models of heat plates that the firm manufactures are 92451, 93701, and 93801. These models fit gas grills featured in several product lines such as Genesis 3500, Genesis Platinum II, and Summit 600.

Flavorizer Bars

For those who want to purchase flavorizer bars at Weber-Stephen, they should look at the models of their gas grills to get the appropriate flavorizer bar. For instance, Weber Flavorizer Bars 7534 only fit Spirit 500 and Spirit E-210 barbecue grills. On the other hand, Weber Porcelain Flavorizer Bars 9813 are manufactured for Genesis Platinum gas grills.

Warming Racks

Finally, to enhance the uses of Weber barbecue grills, the company introduces replacement parts for warming racks of several gas grills and charcoal grills. For owners of Genesis Silver, Gold, and Platinum grills, they can use Weber Chrome Warming Rack 02345. Meanwhile, Weber Chrome Warming Rack 02346 suits gas grills included in these product lines, Genesis 1000, Genesis 2000, and Genesis 3500.