A Special Feature on Weber Grills Parts and Accessories

One of the most popular and leading companies that manufacture different kinds of barbecue grills, Weber-Stephen Products Company also offers grills parts and accessories to everyone. All Weber grills parts and accessories are made from high quality materials so consumers are assured that the products are durable. For individuals who want to purchase the products, it is best to have a closer look at several Weber grills parts and accessories that are available in the commercial market.

Chimney Starters and Regulator Kits

When purchasing Weber grills parts and accessories, one of the most important parts that consumers should consider buying is a chimney starter. For only $20, people can already own a Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter. Meanwhile, to secure safety when using grills, consumers are encouraged to buy regulator kits. For the convenience of everyone, the company introduces different regulators for each model of grill. Weber-Stephen has distinct regulator kit for Genesis Silver product lines and it has different regulator kit for Weber propane gas grills.

Stainless Steel Burner Tube Set

Another useful Weber grills parts and accessories that consumers should consider purchasing is stainless steel burner tube set. Like the other accessories and parts, the company introduces distinct stainless steel burner tube set for every model. For those who like to purchase these replacement parts, they can order burner tubes for Genesis Silver, Genesis Gold, and Spirit 700. Additionally, the prices of these parts range from $40 to $50.

Rib Rack, Roast Holder, and Drip Pan

Aside from stainless steel burner tube sets, other Weber grills parts and accessories that consumers can always buy are rib racks, roast holders, and drip pans. With the use of rib racks, people can maximize the cooking area of Weber grills. Meanwhile, to enhance the utility of grills, it is best to use a nickel-plated roast holder from Weber-Stephen. Moreover, the firm also launches flavor bars for several grill models like Spirit E-310, Genesis Silver, and Genesis Gold.

Rolling Carts

For the convenience of owners of Weber grills that are not portable, the company introduces stylish rolling carts. By allotting $60, consumers can already purchase this useful Weber accessory. For consumers who do not have ample time to purchase Weber grills parts and accessories in retail stores and distributors, they can always visit the company’s Web site since it allows consumers to purchase the products online. However, when purchasing the products online, it is best that consumers allot extra money for additional charges like shipment fees.